Robert Hickman
Smack Mellon
January 18 – March 2, 2014

“Drawn to the logic and universality of mathematics, I aim to engage viewers with a dangerous geometry. With razor-sharp edges, roughly 7,200 individually cut three-dimensional triangles jut out from this 48' long mirror mosaic. Simultaneously chaotic and ordered, the dizzying kaleidoscopic system flashes and reverberates reflections as one walks along the jagged mosaic, provoking a visceral response. Small glints of light also shimmer from unexpected areas in the gallery.

Created with maximum efficiency out of recycled materials, 36 different sized triangles create 11 pyramid forms within the piece, all with corresponding master templates and jigs. Painstakingly cut by hand, the complex arrangement is both playful and dangerous. Although the work is fragile, it will cut you if you get too close--a cautionary tale of human interaction.”

photo credit ©2014 Etienne Frossard All rights reserved

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