Robert Hickman has just received a public art commission for the Woodhaven Select Bus Service street improvement project by the NYC Department of Cultural Affairs Percent for Art Program and DOT. Hickman's proposal is inspired by the neighborhood’s rich history and the diversity of it’s dynamic culture and community.

The design objectives for this project are to:
• Show motion as a function of Select Bus Service;
• Reflect the rich history and cultural diversity of Woodhaven;
• Overlap the ever-changing culture with historical icons;
• Create designs that are bold and readable from a distance;
• Create fencing that has a cohesive look and feel.

To show motion, Hickman designed the fence panels as individual frames, linked as a series of images to create filmstrip sequences. He represented Woodhaven’s cultural diversity by creating patterns generated from individual house structures. A key in the lower left hand corner makes it clear. Bold historical icons, such as carousel horses in different stages of movement, are overlaid on the background patterning. The icons stand out to serve a way-finding function. Hickman's series of dynamic icons and patterns will contribute the success of the Woodhaven Select Bus Service.

For more information about the Woodhaven SBS street improvement project click here.
Currier and Ives lithograph from 1869 showing horses exercising along Jamaica Avenue. Hiram Woodruff’s Hotel was located on the north side of Jamaica Avenue at 75th Street
The Forest Park Carousel, built in 1903, received landmark designation from the New York City Landmark Preservation Commission and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Typical Woodhaven houses, these featuring gambrel roof structures, found in many variations throughout the neighborhood.
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