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Passage, 2004
Commissioned by The State of Connecticut
for Capital Community College
Hartford, Connecticut
20' long x 16' false mirror entryway
Robert Hickman's 'Passage' is a stealthy trompe l'oiel artwork that reflects light to dramatically alter interior space. It was commissioned by the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and is located inside the entrance of Capital Community College at 950 Main Street in Hartford, CT. It received a full page review in Sculpture magazine.

The site is the former G. Fox Department store. The landmark building is located in the historic district in downtown Hartford. The site was renovated to house a college and downtown shopping arcade. Hickman's site specific artwork greatly enhances the Deco-era lobby.

The artwork is an aluminum framed and mirror glazed false entryway with real doors, locks, and handles. It was built to match an existing entryway which adjoins it on the left. The passive and active entrances reinforce the notion of passage, a particularly appropriate metaphor for the site, being that college is a time of both passage and reflection.

September, 2004, Vol. 23, No. 7., p 26.
Hartford Courant ,
Friday March 5, 2004
Metro Hartford Sec. P. B3.
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