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Betsy Ross School (finalist)
New Haven, Connecticut
Star Pattern
Faceted Transparent Glass Mosaic
Star Pattern
Sample Detail/Shadow
The proposed artwork comprised a glass mosaic Star of Le Moyne quilt pattern to cover two window panels above the side door to the school’s Barnes Avenue drop off entrance. The design is simple and elegant. It is linked to the folk art tradition of quilting both in its design and its labor-intensive process. The many thousands of small glass pieces would all be cut and attached by hand. The artwork would reinforce the Betsy Ross flag scheme and is appropriate for young children. Quilting is a significant American tradition. It essentially represents the nation's joining together of peoples, families, and traditions. Betsy Ross is the most recognized quilting figure. The American flag is the quintessential quilt. From the exterior the artwork would be welcoming. It would highlight the entrance like a banner. From the interior it's stunning light play would set the tone. Transparent glass mosaic is faceted, and doesn't sit flat on the base surface. The brilliant glistening effect is like crushed diamonds. Objects on the other side of the glass become distorted like impressionist paintings.
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