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Robert Hickman & Luisa Caldwell
‘Summer Celebration 2004’
Long Island City, NY.

Air Shaft was a collaborative installation/performance by Robert Hickman and Luisa Caldwell. It was created July 25th, 2004 for PS1 Museum/MOMA's Summer Celebration. The artists purchased several large weather balloons and over 1000 cubic feet of helium. With the help of the public, the artists collectively built a vertical column supported overhead by the weather balloons. The structure was created out of lightweight materials including reflective mylar streamers, cloth, paper, and cardboard. As the work progressed the shaft rose up into the sky to become a beacon for the day's events. It was both totally awesome and disappointing at times. At several moments the piece was even dangerous. One volunteer was almost whisked aloft, and at one point the piece dangled precariously above traffic on Vernon Blvd.

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