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Passage, 2004
Capital Community College, Hartford CT
Connecticut Commission on the Arts
Art in Public Spaces Program
50' long x 16' false mirror entryway
Laced Canopy 2002
New York City MASterwork Award, Best New Public Art
The Municipal Society of New York.
MTA Public Art Commission
72nd Street Subway Station, New York
100' long x 16' girth barrel vault skylight
More that 1 million hand-cut glass fragments
Convex Disk at Roosevelt Island, 1996
MTA Public Art Commission
Roosevelt Island Station, New York
75" Dia. x 5" Deep Disk on Steel Armature
300,000 Hand-Cut & Stratified Glass Squares, Grout
Roosevelt Island Shuttle, 1998
20' x 35' x 8'
Bungee Cord, Chair, Skis, Steel & Wood Construction
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